Meet The Team



With 32 seats and a small patio during the spring and summer, we are a cozy restaurant.  What that translates to is all of our staff wear more than one hat.  From the top down, this crew comes to work with self established pride and dedication.  Enjoy some short bios of the people who make this place successful.



Phone:  425.558.5625

Hours of Operation



Closed Monday





Parties of 6 or more subject to Automatic Gratuity

16244 Cleveland St.

Redmond, Wa 98052

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Ryan Donaldson

Excecutive Chef/ Owner


        I first realized my passion for food when I was young. Some of my earliest memories are of food; feasting on Swedish pancakes at my great grandparents, eating crab fresh off the boat and gathering in the kitchen during the holidays as we cooked dinner. Then we'd sit down to share our lives with friends and family.  

        As I began to cook I realized early that it is not only about the food, but about the gathering as well.  Dining is meant to be an experinace.  It requires, and should heighten, all of your senses.  It is the food, the drink, the service, the atmosphere and the people that when it all comes together flawlessy becomes something memorable.  That experiance is what we strive to provide when you dine with us.


Adam Bayley

General Manager


Whenever I am asked what kind of food we make I always fall back to an answer David Chang gave when asked the same question about his restaurant.


"Our food eludes easy, or really any, classification. There is a focus on good technique, on seasonality and sustainability, on intelligent and informed creativity.  But it is deliciousness by any means necessary that we're really going for."


In reality, it is this eliquent phrasing and a constant curiousity that I strive to achieve.




Teresa Joined our staff in October of 2012 after working at FareStart.  A caring and fun loving person with a hint of sarcasm. She is also in charge of our wine list.  Ask her what's new and exciting.  


Jill, as we call her, has spend years in the industry  honing her skills.  The sweetest person you'll ever meet until you make her quils come out. Jill is in charge of our cocktail menu.  See what she is mixing up today.




Our newest member comes to us from some of Seattle's most well know eateries.  A jack of all trades with experience in  seemingly everything.  When he isn't here you'll find him preserving, brewing or conconcting treats that we all hope to partake.



Watch out for your dogs!  She will try to steal them.  Amy is a staple of our kitchen.  Ever the wanderlust she is off traveling now, but still part of the family.  Seriously though, watch out for your dogs.






Owner of O'Finnagans Pub in Everett Jason has been helping me out since day one.  Always with a smile and in a mood to chat.  Please don't get him started on board games though.  We dont have enough time.

The Donaldson's


As a family owned restaurant every Donaldson has worked here and has been instrumental to helping us make this place a success.  Without their tireless, and often last minute, aid we wouldn't have made it out of the starting gate.  An enourmous thanks to Mom(Sue), Dad(Bob), Joni, Carrie, Sarah and the  newest member Reece.




Special thanks to Rushmi Malaviarachchi for the incredible photos used to make this site.